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When Should I Replace My Mattress?

Mattresses are something that most people use because it helps them to sleep more comfortably. Like all things in life, however, they don’t last forever and should be replaced so that the user is continuing to benefit from proper support. Many people wonder about how often they need to replace their mattress, or if they can get away with never replacing it. In today’s post, we will look at some of the reasons that indicate when your mattress needs replacing. Be sure to contact Sven & Son when you need high-quality mattresses.

Replace Your Mattress Every 10 Years

Many people have heard the conventional wisdom that says you should replace your mattress once every 10 years. This depends, of course, on how frequently the mattress is used, as well as how well it was cared for. If you are wondering about replacing your primary mattress, then this is a good ballpark number to keep in mind.

Type of Mattress


If you purchased an innerspring mattress, then your mattress should last the typical 10 years. Innerspring mattresses are great for helping to evenly distribute your weight across the mattress. They can last even longer than 10 years if you chose the type of mattress that is two-sided and can be flipped regularly to assist with even wearing.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have gained popularity in the last few years for good reason. They are designed to respond to your body’s temperature. As your body’s heat warms up the mattress, it becomes softer, which allows it to better conform to your body’s shape. A good memory foam mattress can last up to 15 years if rotated and taken care of.


Latex mattresses are made from a hypoallergenic material. In addition to protecting you from irritants and allergens, they also help with pain relief and promote natural spine alignment. Depending on whether you purchase a synthetic latex mattress or an organic latex mattress, the durability will vary. Some mattresses come with warranties for as long as 25 years.


A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam. They are generally structured in a way that consists of a coil support system sandwiched between two layers of foam. This unique structure means that the mattresses are bouncy, but the foam layers provide the assistance needed for absorbing the movements that tend to interrupt sleep. These mattresses should be replaced approximately every six years.


Pillow-top mattresses are an excellent choice for people who are side sleepers, as they provide the softness that shoulders and hips need during prolonged contact. One downside to all of this extra padding is that this type of mattress tends to be about 20 percent heavier than other mattresses. The extra layer of cushion can eventually break down over time, creating an uneven sleeping surface. Approximately 30 percent of pillow-top mattress owners report that there is significant sagging in the material within the first three years of ownership. The weight and size of the person do not seem to be the main factors in this regard.


Waterbed mattresses can come with either hard sides or soft sides. These mattresses were once wildly popular, and while they went out of fashion for a while, they are beginning to make a comeback. Many people enjoy the gentle rocking motion that comes from sleeping on this type of mattress. With proper care, they can last up to 10 years.

At Sven & Son, we are committed to providing you with the best selection of high-quality mattresses available. Knowing how frequently you should replace your mattress should be an important consideration when you are shopping for a new mattress. You want to be sure to get the best mattress for your needs and budget. Be sure to contact us and learn about all that we have to offer!