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Sven & Son started with the idea that everyone deserves to sleep restfully and comfortably at night.  After working in the retail mattress business for over 5 years selling name brand bedding at an exorbitant markup, the creators of Sven & Son decided that enough was enough. They took the steps to turn their ideas into reality.  As a team, the partners traveled across the country and even overseas researching name brand companies and their products. During their research they discovered 9 out of 10 products on the market did not have the sustainability, the quality or the long lasting product that was being advertised.

After extensive research and development, Sven & Son was born.  We have designed our products with the consumer in mind. We offer luxury mattresses and adjustable bases that encompass the quality and functionality customers look for;  at a greater value than our competitors. Sven and Son have taken what was once only obtainable to some and made it affordable to all. We are proud to offer not only superior quality products but world-class customer service as well.  When you purchase from Sven & Son rest assured you are buying a product with premium material, unmatched comfort, and unparalleled service to get you the bed that best fits your needs.